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Analyze Big Data, Solve Complex Problems
with Human Intelligence & Artificial Intelligence (HIAI)

We empower individuals and businesses in a unique way - starting from the Brain, by leading individuals and team understand better of how the brain works, enhancing their thinking skills and expanding their knowledge.
We specialize in applying A.I.powered business intelligence and data science to help our clients formulate the best business strategy, helping them to stay ahead of competition.

Working Together



Big Data Analytics & Strategy Consulting

Applying tools of data science, machine learning and human intelligence, we help individuals and businesses to find insights from data, solve complex problems or achieving business goals efficiently and effectively.

Thinking 2.0 
Whole Brain Thinking

Understand your own thinking style or the distribution of your team members' thinking styles, with an aim to expand the cognitive capability for achieving your goals.

Thinking 3.0
Exponential Thinking

Transform thinking from impossible into unlimited possibilities. Understand and learn how to think exponentially to disrupt your market or stay ahead of your competitors all the time.

Meet us to learn more about how your team and business will be empowered with our unique methodology.


Discover hidden patterns in data, uncover new insights.

EXPONENT ANALYTICS specializes in finding valuable insights by discovering hidden patterns in data using cutting-edge data science technology. We utilize artificial intelligence in a practical way, together with our knowledge in business and financial markets, we will deliver the most useful insights to keep you stay ahead.

Digital social media

X-Insight Online

Mine any data, offer our insights

Supply any type of dataset of yours to us online, we will analyze it with state-of-art machine learning technology and offer you the most useful insights we have obtained. Get a quotation here.

Analyzing Graphs

X-Insight Business

Grow your business with data science

We adopt data science and specialized business knowledge to help you better manage and grow your business as well as maximizing shareholder's value.


X-Insight Invest

Optimize your investment decisions

We use machine learning technology to explore insights about an investment such as price forecast, market liquidity, IPO pricing and so on. We assist institutional and cornerstone investors to make better entry and exit decisions in a whole new way.


Know Yourself, Visualize, Create Success.

Looking Out of a Skyscaper

What are your behavioral biases that will deter you from achieving investment success?

Understand your behavioural biases can help your make less investment mistakes. Free assessment is now available.

If you already have an account, visit here.

Your Future is about to Change.

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