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Promoting Artificial Intelligence & Strategic Thinking to
The Next Generation - In A Fun Way.


The "Arimaa Global Project" is a charity project sponsored by Exponent Consulting Limited, aiming to introduce the subject of artificial intelligence and strategic thinking using the Arimaa, an abstract strategy game as a medium, at the same time promote this game to students in primary schools, secondary schools and universities, teaching them to play this entertaining game that is beneficial to the development of their mental abilities.


"The leaders of our future must be able to think strategically, innovatively and able to work with artificial intelligence."


We believe Arimaa is an excellent tool for students to gain exposure and training in strategic thinking, at the same time, encourage them to study the subject of artificial intelligence - the main reason of why Arimaa was invented by Omar Syed (a computer engineer trained in artificial intelligence).

Learn About Arimaa

Application By School

Eligible schools with be provided with sets of Arimaa board game, training workshop and introductory session about Artificial Intelligence. Apply by sending us an email.

Support Our Project

If you share the same vision as ours, we invite you to support this project by making a donation online. Let's change the world together with Arimaa. For more information, contact us.

We welcome individuals and organizations to sponsor our project.

If you share the same vision as ours and would like to support us, please contact us directly.

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