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Capture Opportunities, Intelligently.

'X-Factor' is our proprietary-developed algorithm to support decision-making in capturing emerging trends with optimal efficiency and effectiveness. 'X-Factor' can be applied to any quantifiable business factors, time series data, markets, and investment prices.

X-Factor for realising business vision

Position for growth and achieving business objectives

Businesses with a X-Vision Index will be blessed when combining it with the use of X-Factor algorithm, helping decision makers to make optimal business decisions.

X-Factor for Intelligent Indices

Position for intelligent index construction

X-Factor is the secret tool we use for the construction of Exponent Thematic Intelligent Indices, guiding us to pick the most effective candidates within an investment universe when constructing an 'intelligent index'.

X-Factor for market timing

Timing trading opportunities

Traders will benefit from X-Factor by identifying the most optimal condition for entering and exiting a trade, making trading more successful.

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Calculate X-Factor of anything and rank them.

The Formula:
Thrust ^2 / (Weight x Median of Thrust)

What does it mean?
X-Factor reflects the current state of movement of a time series against its equilibrium state.

How to use X-Factor?
X-Factor can be used as a score for ranking a group of time series either correlated or uncorrelated to each other. The highest ranking time series has the best condition for upward propulsion or growth ("the launch").

Who invented X-Factor?

X-Factor is a highly useful tool invented by one of our founders after two decades of experience in analyzing global financial markets and managing the portfolios for wealthy clients. He discovered the same knowledge can be applied to decisions other than investing. 

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