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Helping your clients to achieve their aspirations of life

Aspirations Index is our proprietary-developed tool to assist wealth managers construct an index of measurement for the aspirations of their wealth management clients. A personalized index allows wealth managers to open up more personal dialogues with their clients, having a systematic way of performance measurement for the progress of wealth planning, and can build better customer loyalty and long term relationships with their clients.

How it works

Aspirations Index helps wealth managers to systematically measure and analyse a client's progress of achieving his or her aspirations of life.

Wealth managers play an important role in helping their clients to achieve their dreams and life goals, by creating an Aspirations Index for the client and assist the client to plan. Achieving one's dream needs a holistic wealth management plan that is compatible with. The Aspirations Index is the most important tool to measure how well the wealth management plan is carrying out from the client's perspective as time goes.

An Aspiration Index may compose of any of the below aspirations, or others specified by the client:

1. Career

2. Relationship

3. Longevity

4. Prosperity

5. Knowledge

6. Recognition

7. Patronage

8. Legacy

These are originated from Chinese philosophy which cover the main types of aspiration that most people are longing for. Exponent is proud to innovate further from this knowledge using Financial Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence (Indexing and Machine Learning).

How we help

Aspirations Index can help you and your clients to achieve their dreams, together.

1. Define a vision for the future with the client;
2. Create the Aspirations Index online;
3. Strategize ways to increase the value of the index and coach the client to succeed as time goes;
4. Analyse the outcomes of wealth management plan along with the Aspirations Index regularly;
5. Re-construct the Aspirations Index when necessary.

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