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We believe:

1. Innovative ideas should be funded seamlessly whenever they need capital;

2. People should be able to work autonomously and choose to do the work that they enjoy;

3. Rewards should be distributed fairly to everybody who has contributed to the work done.

We believe in a distributed, collaborative, autonomous and innovative economy will free everybody from the old model of work, and close the gap between rich and poor.

As an Exponent Citizen, you will have this FREEDOM.

By becoming a citizen of Exponent, you have made an important decision to join an innovative community that will empower you to become independent. As a citizen, you can make your dream come true together with other citizens and monetizing your dream with the community. You will not be restricted by where you are or who you are, and you will be able to work on your own schedule autonomously. 

Do you want this freedom? 

To become a citizen, get a passport.

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