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Connecting Neurons Of The Knowledgeable


Super-Brain is an innovative community of knowledgeable people (each person acts as a 'Neuron', anonymously) who have the passion to help others look for answers. Super-Brain connects the 'Neurons' of all members in the community, where members has their own knowledge and expertise in their own fields. The purpose of Super-Brain is to help 'Seekers' find answers, honest opinions or ideas that will enlighten them. The community respects privacy, freedom of speech and inoffensiveness. Active members of the community will be rewarded with membership loyalty points.

Examples of the topic can be discussed in Super-Brain:

"Where do we come from?"

"Global warming, is it real?"

"How to disrupt a market?"

"Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?"

Super-Brain will operate between Hong Kong Standard Time 11:00PM-12:00AM during beta stage.


Are You a Mind Mapper / Thinker? 

Do you want to make a positive impact to the World by igniting other minds 

and benefit together?

Join us here now.

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