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Welcome To Exponent Crypto-Finance 

Crypto-finance is a revolutionary way of transforming illiquid assets into marketable assets; financing business projects, new ventures or start-up businesses with 'Trust Tokens'. We utilize the latest technology and business intelligence to help businesses tokenize assets or raise capital on the blockchain (to be launched in 2018). Exponent Traders actively trade crypto-assets and share market knowledge in regular meetings organised at X-Space.

Our innovative financing solution allows you to reach your investors directly, fund your business in a new way without the middleman and eliminating all the underlying costs. Crypto-finance utilizes the latest blockchain technology (originated from Bitcoin), focus on growing your business with a new type of business currency. 

At Exponent, we provide crypto-finance advice and solutions tailored to the needs of each client, with an aim to seed an "Exponent" in the business, taking it to a whole new level.

'Tokenize' your business today.

Crypto-Finance Consulting

Launch Your Own Trust Token

Looking to grow your business further with more capital? Wish to create your own 'business currency' and create a market for it? Want to achieve long-term financial stability for your business? Let us guide you with Crypto-Finance Consulting services. Transform into a blockchain-enabled business to make you stay ahead in the exponential world.

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Market Making

Bringing liquidity to your market

With years of experience in trading and dealing in the financial markets, we can help you maintain the market of your business currency, bringing liquidity to it, attracting new investors and improve market confidence. EXPONENT is your long term strategic partner in crypto-asset market-making.

Our Edge
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Proprietary Trading

Active Trading in Crypto-Assets & Cryptocurrencies

EXPONENT is an active trader in the cryptocurrency market. We add value to our stakeholders by capturing trends and market inefficiencies in cryptocurrencies using a professional, disciplined approach. We also provide a way to own and trade any cryptocurrency in one place, conveniently and cost-effectively.

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Cryptocurrency Research

Analysing Trends in the Cryptocurrency Market

Market Analysis
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Creating Value To Stakeholders In An Innovative Way, Boundlessly.

Blockchain technology is revolutionary. At Exponent, we utilize blockchain technology and in particular, issuing new cryptocurrencies to create and transfer value to our stakeholders and business clients, without geographical limit and in a decentralized way.

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Fuel For Business Growth

EXP is Exponent's business trust token for payment, funding our own clients' business crypto-tokens and as a way to share our achievements with stakeholders.



Connecting Human Intelligence

NeuronX is Exponent's trust token relating to our intellectual businesses, as a medium of exchange for our business partners' intellectual work with us.



Long-Term Profit From Cryptocurrency Professional Trading

CryptoX is the trust token to own if you wish to profit from the rapidly growing market of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

You can grow with us together.
Become part of our network and start owning these crypto-assets.

Crypto-Finance: Projects
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