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Who Is Stopping Creativity?

One of the most intelligent women in the world, Dr. Manahel Thabet (a scientist with 3 PhDs, economist, financial engineer, who is also a mind mapper who taught over 1300 students in 30 minutes) said creativity decrease as we age. Guess who is causing it? It is our education system! The same statement was said by the inventor of mind mapping, Professor Tony Buzan. More alarmingly, this is a global phenomenon. Why is this the case? Exponent believes this is because the way of how education system works traditionally - a one-way transfer of knowledge from the teacher to the students. Students are sometimes encouraged to ask questions, however, the dominant position of the teacher and peer group pressure is discouraging students to provide honest feedbacks and be adventurous to ask questions that stimulate thinking and generate new ideas. If this is posing a problem to everyone around the globe, and at the same time, human intelligence is starting to face serious challenge by artificial intelligence, it is the right time to make a real change to the education system (before it is too late).

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