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Job's keywords: "Passion" and... "Intuition"?

Steve Jobs delivered a great speech to the graduates of Stanford University in 2005, and he was talking about life & death, passion, creativity and intuition. In front of many intellectual students and academics, he did not try to show off his intelligence or how knowledgeable he was. Instead, he talked about his weaknesses and some qualities that are very basic to every human beings - however, sometimes we neglected them. Those qualities turned out to be the factors that made him so successful. At the very last of this video, he told the students to follow their heart (not their heads) and use INTUITION. Why did he mention "intuition"? This was never taught at any university, a place which a wealth of knowledge is transferred to the students. "Passion" might be common, but "Intuition" is normally not the type of terminology you hear in the academic world. Have we missed out something that is very important to our survival? Steve Jobs gave us a good hint.

Join us to research together on "Intuition":

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