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What do Bitcoin and Ants have in common?

Andreas Antonopoulos talked about Bitcoin in 2014 when it was trading at US$776 - today it is at a new high of US$3449 (344% return). What has changed over the past 3 years? The fact is, today the cryptocurrency market is becoming more developed, with more new generation of cryptocurrencies being launched through ICOs (Initial Coin Offering). Blockchain is getting widespread and people (and banks) are taking advantage or developing projects that use the blockchain technology, the very same technology gave birth by the legendary Bitcoin. In the video, interestingly, Andreas brought up the analogy of the Ants colony - an excellent way of describing how decentralization work and it presents an important implication to the world we are living in now, i.e. people need their power back from central authority, or at least gaining back some control. Blockchain is going to facilitate this to happen.

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