How rare is intelligent life?

August 16, 2017

Marc Defant tells us that the origin of intelligent life on earth requires a host of statistically improbable events which may imply that similar intelligent life elsewhere is extremely unlikely. Whether you believe this or not, the fact that our species survive till today is incredible. Think about this, our survival is already extremely rare, and as the smartest life living on earth, what is our PURPOSE? Why are we so intelligent and what is it for? If human beings continue to survive for millions of years, our future generations will become much more intelligent than us. What will happen to our future generations? We do not have all the answers to our questions, but one thing is sure, i.e. human beings will continue to solve problems that we face and continue to innovate - and the rate of growth in our innovations will accelerate. We will be able to solve problems and find new solutions faster and better in the future. We are already at this tipping point when human intelligence meets artificial intelligence. The synergy between the two is unimaginable and it has never happened in our history.

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